Introducing Bar Chat - 

The new podcast from Diageo Bar Academy and Tristan Stephenson

Hosted by the award-winning Bartender and Author, Tristan Stephenson, Bar Chat features fortnightly episodes with industry leading guests that take fascinating tours through the history and production of spirits,  and offer tips on diversifying cocktail menus and how best to look after yourself when working unsociable hours. Head to the Podcast Page to begin listening now!

Tristan Stephenson is The Curious Bartender

Displaying an unnatural inability to sit still, Tristan's 20-year career as an award winning bartender, barista, chef, bar operator and writer has taken him to 90 countries and 400 distilleries, culminating in over 300,000 books sold.


He has co-founded eight award winning bars and restaurants in London, Bristol and Cornwall, and delivered seminars and tastings at every major drinks festival around the world. 

Tristan is available for private bartending, consultancy, speaking, writing and television.

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Having worked as a bar and drinks consultant for over a decade, Tristan has partnered with (literally) hundreds of brands. Projects range from product liquid consultancy and cocktail development, through to bar design, training and operations.

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